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Facility Maintenance

TCG provides facility management services to private and institutional investors, both local and national. We understand that a building is a direct reflection of the company enclosed within. Keeping it maintained and operating safely is essential to the image of your overall business. Our facility management division encompasses the physical management of the property, service contract management, insurance administration, work order/service request management and follow through, nurturing tenant/occupant relationships, budgeting of operating and capital expenses, and monthly reporting. Our internal processes are thorough to ensure peace of mind.

Preventative Maintenance

We actively pursue a preventative maintenance program for each facility we manage. This greatly minimizes the number of service requests handled on a day-to-day basis. Our preventative maintenance schedules are input into our tracking software and once populated, automatically generate work orders which are processed by our service coordinators. Each work order is assigned to a maintenance technician or 3rd party contractor and tracked throughout the process to ensure completion.


Problems or issues discovered during our preventative maintenance inspections are brought to the Property Manager’s attention. This information will be shared with the client pursuant to their reporting protocol. For instances requiring emergency or unplanned maintenance or repair, your designate will be provided with our main service desk contact information. This provides a direct line of communication between the facility and our service department for immediate response to all service requests.

Physical Assessment

Upon receiving an assignment, we immediately assess the physical structure including but not limited to the roof, HVAC, façade, asphalt/concrete, electrical and plumbing systems. We provide you with clear, actionable recommendations based upon our findings.

Contract Management

We review existing vendors’ performance and contract language to ensure that you receive the best possible service at the most favorable price. We annually bid out maintenance contracts and submit RFP’s as needed pursuant to the owner’s protocol.

Immediate Action

Authorized personnel will be interviewed to quickly educate ourselves regarding any lingering problems or issues that need to be corrected and take immediate steps to determine solutions.

Insurance Administration

We have strict guidelines regarding service contract and insurance administration. If you do not have your own service contract, all vendors will be required to sign our proprietary service contract that provides strong liability protection. Insurance certificates are obtained for every vendor working at the property and we work diligently to ensure that the proper entities are named as certificate holders and additional insureds.

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