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Real Estate Development

Committed to creating value.

At TCG, we make it our business to enhance the landscape of our favorite cities through innovative design. We love building these communities as a team, with a pride of ownership in every one of our projects. Our focus on urban infill has landed us at the forefront of a movement to promote a more vibrant city core by reducing sprawl. With unique opportunities and progressive thought behind what we do, we are successfully contributing to the infill and development of our beautiful cities.

Offering comprehensive services, TCG can easily oversee the entire life cycle of a project through acquisition, funding, development and sales. TCG’s proprietary research and analytic processes help us identify potential opportunities and exploit market inefficiencies. Because of a well-honed ability to pinpoint unrealized opportunities, TCG has a proven track record of success throughout various market cycles. Our relationships with our partners and affiliates allow us to entertain other unique investment opportunities outside the real estate industry.